Racing Records

As we look forward to the race season this year, we should take time and look back at some of the most impressive UK racing events. Keep in mind that these records only include wheel-driven vehicles, and thus do not include records made from a jet engine or rocket thrust.

Banger Racing

Banger racing is a sport for any one to participate in that enjoys modifying and racing their own cars aon a real race track. Banger racing is a sport of survival where onlt the best made cars will go the distance. There are many locations all around the UK that hold banger racing events and they really are a thrilling experience to go and watch, as well as a fun day out for family and friends.

If isa race typically held on a dirt track and uses vehicles that are quite old and are possibly at the end of thier life. Some people see this an extremely competitive career whilst for most other people it is a chance to get involved in a leisulry activity. Because these cars ar so old, parts are often hard to come by. If you are lokking to modify a car tso that it is suitable for a banger race, you may want to visit a locat scrapyard, car dealership or garage to beg steal and bowrrow old car parts, or to even donate parts that are still in good working use.

Vauxhall vehicles are often a popular choice in bander racing as there are so many available to hand. This also menas that there are plenty of vauxhall parts specialist garages and dealerships to be found, with vauxhall parts available for purchase or trade.

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